Tweet Punk!


Melbourne’s punk rock scene is as vibrant and unique as the city itself. Since The Saints released their first single, (I’m) Stranded, in 1976, the scene has been in a constant state of flux and evolution. Today is no different. From femmo-punk rockers, Camp Cope, to anarcho-punks, Stockades, to punk-folk outfit Fear Like Us, the Melbourne punk scene is stronger and more diverse than ever. This Twitter list will help you keep abreast of new releases, gigs and other developments in the scene.

You can find my Twitter list on all things Melbourne punk, here.

Beat Magazine:

Specialising in “Everything Melbourne – music, arts, clubs, food and culture”, Beat is a great resource for staying up to date on gigs, tours and your favourite rockers lives behind the microphone and on the road. Expect Beat’s Twitter to share interviews, album reviews and local art news. Their always excellent and up to the minute gig guide is reason enough to click “follow”.

The Reverence Hotel:

What an institution. This Footscray icon is literally named to represent the respect the establishment has for its patrons. The Rev is a stalwart of the local punk community; its support for emerging artists and the “DIY” ethos is perhaps second to none in the scene. Plus, hungry vegan punks will always find something tasty to warm their belly with at The Rev (because let’s be honest, punk isn’t just about the music). The venue’s Twitter shares gig updates, behind the scenes photos, updates on their menu and the occasional reaction gif.

Alex Lahey:

Unless you’ve been hiding under a soundproof rock, you can’t have missed the new wave of feminist punk. While women have always had a strong voice in the punk community (Think Kathleen Hanna, Joan Jet, Patti Smith and so many more), Melbourne has seen a number of awesome chicks picking up the guitar, drums and bass; taking down the patriarchy with killer hooks and intelligent, fierce lyrics and a take-no-shit attitude. There are too many to choose from, but not all are on Twitter, so we’ve just picked a couple. Follow Alex Lahey for observational musings about life, the universe and everything of an emerging woman punk rocker.