Tweeting about tweeters

“I like birds”, sang alt-rockers Eels. I like birds too. And so, apparently, does Twitter (and so they should – they did after all name their company after the onomatopoeic descriptor of our feathery friend’s calls). If you like birds too, you should flap your arms raucously while heading over to check out these avian-centric accounts.


Bird Watching magazine is the United Kingdom’s best selling bird magazine. Covering local, national and international stories, this Twitter account is a great resource for staying up to date on all things birdy.


You are not, and never will be, a “Journalist”

You can study every night, hand in all of your assignments on time, blog until your fingers bleed, and land that amazing, coveted internship gig with the ABC.

You still won’t be a Journalist.


You might be studying a Bachelor of Journalism at university.

You’re still not a Journalist. You’re not even a Journalism student.


You might be enrolled in your degree through the Faculty of Journalism.

Sorry, you’re still not a Journalist. And you’re definitely not a Journalism student.


Sorry guys, but we’re all just peasanty “journalists”, “journalism” students and lovers of “journalism”.

There’s no capital ‘j’ needed. UNLESS you are using the word as a proper noun, for example, if you got published in “Australian Studies in Journalism” (thought that’s rather unlikely, as it’s been defunct since 2007), or became a “Professor of Journalism”, etc.

So let’s stop this madness and bid farewell to unnecessary capitalisation.